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Pinky, the Picky Butterfly and NVC: Help Feed Hungry Children

Children’s Book Partners with Nonprofit Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation

Every night before bedtime, I read at least three books to my little girl. Sometimes, those books are not enough, and she asks for a made-up story. This is when we go on an under-blankie adventure! Under the blanket, we can be anywhere we want to be! Sometimes we are in Candyland, where the street lights are candy canes, the river flows with chocolate, and the roads are made of fluffy marshmallows! On this particular night, we were in Butterflyland, where Pinky, a pretty pink butterfly who only liked the nectar of pink flowers, went on adventures with her Mama. My children are thankfully not very picky eaters. But perhaps on that day, my daughter was being a bit, uhm, challenging. And so the story of Pinky, the Picky Butterfly fluttered through my mind and carried over to the next day!

Just like Alpabeto ng Kalikasan, where I challenged myself to come up with 28 species from the top of my head (and came up with 20!), I challenged myself to write the story from the night before in English and Filipino. The words flowed, and after much rewriting and editing, they eventually became the story that you will read on its pages.

Dealing with picky eaters is a topic I know many parents can relate to. Having gone through it myself in phases, it’s something that can stump a mom or dad. You want them to eat healthy food, but they won’t touch it. So you go for the next best thing, which is to at least fill their stomachs. Then I think of all the kids who don’t even have the luxury of being picky eaters. And this is where the idea of partnering up with Negrense Volunteers for Change, or NVC Foundation came from.

I came across NVC Foundation through social media. I saw the good work they do in the fields of disaster relief and sustainable livelihood. But what tugged at my heartstrings was their nutrition program. Here was a photo of a little boy, who looked to be about the age of my little girl, who turned out to be the age of my older son, all because of the lack of nutrition. But the problem of malnutrition doesn’t only affect the physical well-being of a child, but also their mental capabilities. And to address this need, NVC has come up with Mingo Meals — a simple concoction of rice, monggo, and malunggay! I knew immediately that I wanted part of the proceeds of Pinky, the Picky Butterfly to go to NVC’s Mingo Meals program!

Pinky the Picky Butterfly will introduce your child to the importance of eating a variety of healthy foods. Every book you purchase can help nourish a child in need and give them a chance at a better life. Pre-order your copy today. Promo rates are valid until November 18.

Is it just a coincidence that the NVC logo is a butterfly? I don’t think so!